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Local Citizenship in a Global Age

Local Citizenship in a Global Age

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 14/05/2020
Pages 300
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781316609927
Categories Sociology, Politics & government, International environmental law, Constitutional & administrative law, Planning law, Urban & municipal planning
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Book description

Although it is usually assumed that only the federal government can confer citizenship, localities often give residents who are noncitizens at the federal level the benefits of local citizenship: access to medical care, education, housing, security, labor and consumer markets, and even voting rights. In this work, Kenneth A. Stahl demonstrates that while the existence of these 'noncitizen citizens' has helped to reconcile competing commitments within liberal democracy to equality and community, the advance of globalization and the rise of nationalist political leaders like Donald Trump has caused local and federal citizenship to clash. For nationalists, localities' flexible approach to citizenship is a Trojan horse undermining state sovereignty from within, while liberals see local citizenship as the antidote to a reactionary ethnic nationalism. This book should be read by anyone who wants to understand why citizenship has become one of the most important issues in national politics today.

Local Citizenship in a Global Age

Table of contents

Introduction; Part I. Citizenship Federalism: 1. Three models of citizenship; 2. Local and federal citizenship; 3. A short history of local citizenship; Part II. 'Noncitizen Citizens': Three Case Studies of Local and Federal Citizenship: 4. Local citizenship and woman suffrage; 5. Local citizenship for noncitizen residents; 6. Local citizenship for nonresident landowners; 7. Globalization and the collapsing distinction between local and federal citizenship; Part III. Race, Space, Place and Urban Citizenship: 8. A return to urban citizenship?; 9. Republican citizenship; 10. Postmodern citizenship; 11. Differentiated citizenship.

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