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City of Play: An Architectural and Urban History of Recreation and Leisure

City of Play: An Architectural and Urban History of Recreation and Leisure

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year 31/05/2018
Pages 296
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781350032163
Categories Theory of architecture, History of architecture, History
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Book description

City of Play shows how play is built into the very fabric of the modern city. From playgrounds to theme parks, skittle alleys to swimming pools, to the countless uncontrolled spaces which the urban habitat affords - play is by no means just a childhood affair. A myriad essentially unproductive playful pursuits have, through time, modelled the modern city and landscape. Architect and scholar Rodrigo Perez de Arce's erudite, original, and often surprising study explores a curiously neglected dimension of architectural design and practice: ludic space. It is an architectural history of the playground - from the hippodrome to the Situationist city - of space released from productive ends in the pursuit of leisure. But this is more than just a book about how architecture has incorporated play into its spaces and structures, it is a history of the modern city itself. The ludic imagination impregnated modernist ideals, and what begins with the playground ends with a re-consideration of the whole sweep of the modern movement through the filter of leisure and play. Because play is such a basic or fundamental human experience, the book re-grounds the architect's concerns with those of non-architects - and not only those of adults but also of children. It seeks to give everyone - architects and other ordinary city-dwellers alike - a better understanding about what is at stake in the making of the public spaces of our cities.

City of Play: An Architectural and Urban History of Recreation and Leisure

Table of contents

Elusive Imprints

1. About the Field
Spheres of action
Field and stage
The Canon
The primeval
Field and square
Field, skin and precincts

2. Formal and Relational Traits
Linear Perspective
The informal and the formless

3. Material Attributes
The Lawn
Sand and Snow

4. Locational Attributes
Couplings and mosaics
The unofficial
Site specific play and the genius loci
Park and fair

1. Players / The Athlete
Cells and arenas
Bucolic deportments

2. The Child
The sky
The street
Future imperfect
Stillness and the miniature
Oblique rapports
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3. The Citizen
The return of Homo Ludens
Paideias revenge

Futile Pursuits


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