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Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality

Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality

Publisher Benbella Books
Year 03/12/2020
Pages 280
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781950665402
Categories Cosmology & the universe
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Book description

What if life isn't just a part of the universe . . . what if it determines the very structure of the universe itself? The theory that blew your mind in Biocentrism and Beyond Biocentrism is back, with brand-new research revealing the startling truth about our existence. What is consciousness? Why are we here? Where did it all come from-the laws of nature, the stars, the universe? Humans have been asking these questions forever, but science hasn't succeeded in providing many answers-until now. In The Grand Biocentric Design, Robert Lanza, one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People," is joined by theoretical physicist Matej Pavsic and astronomer Bob Berman to shed light on the big picture that has long eluded philosophers and scientists alike. This engaging, mind-stretching exposition of how the history of physics has led us to Biocentrism-the idea that life creates reality-takes readers on a step-by-step adventure into the great science breakthroughs of the past centuries, from Newton to the weirdness of quantum theory, culminating in recent revelations that will challenge everything you think you know about our role in the universe. This book offers the most complete explanation of the science behind Biocentrism to date, delving into the origins of the memorable principles introduced in previous books in this series, as well as introducing new principles that complete the theory. The authors dive deep into topics including consciousness, time, and the evidence that our observations-or even knowledge in our minds-can affect how physical objects behave. The Grand Biocentric Design is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking explanation of how the universe works, and an exploration of the science behind the astounding fact that time, space, and reality itself, all ultimately depend upon us.

Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality

Table of contents


1 Figuring Out the Universe
2 Newton's Apple Computer and Alternate Realities
3 Quantum Theory Changes Everything
4 Intimations of Immortality
5 Down with Realism
6 Consciousness
7 How Consciousness Works
8 Libet's Experiment Revisited
9 Animal Consciousness
10 Quantum Suicide and the Impossibility of Being Dead
11 The Arrow of Time
12 Traveling in a Timeless Universe
13 The Forces of Nature
14 The Observer Defines Reality
15 Dreams and Multidimensional Reality
16 Overthrow of the Physiocentric Worldview
Post Scriptum: The Man Who Cared

Appendix 1: Questions and Criticisms
Appendix 2: The Observer and the Arrow of Time
Appendix 3: Observers Define the Structure of the Universe: Reconciling Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity

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