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Age Of The Earth, The: A Physicist's Odyssey

Age Of The Earth, The: A Physicist's Odyssey

Publisher World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Year 26/02/2020
Pages 148
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9789813279698
Categories Geophysics
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304.00 PLN / €66.84 / £58.20
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Book description

This book spells out in detail how the age of the Earth has been determined over the centuries. First - the 'biblical' age: how was the date of Creation 4004 BC figured out? A date which is so important even today ... it is the basis of claims made by millions that the Earth is only about 6000 years old. Next - the response of geologists (and Darwin) for a very old Earth. Then, Kelvin's calculation of how long it would take for a hot Earth to cool down to its present state. And finally, today's answer ('billions'), based on the properties of radioactive materials. So, how old is Planet Earth?Related Link(s)

Age Of The Earth, The: A Physicist's Odyssey

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