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AAP provides COVID-19 resource page to outline publisher efforts to help communities during pandemic


The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has posted a COVID-19 central resource page to provide information about what publishers are doing to support authors, readers, researchers, educators, booksellers, and libraries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Publishing is built upon the principal of transformation. AAP seeks to invest in authors, champion education, and connect readers to stories and scholarship that inform, inspire and empower them. Now, as the pandemic continues to threaten and disrupt lives in unprecedented ways, the point of publishing is clearer than ever and publishers are embracing their responsibilities to the public, notes AAP President and CEO Maria A. Pallante. Commercial publishing houses, nonprofit societies, and university presses, are working to address the crisis with many publishers creating special programs, flexible licenses, and other initiatives to propel reading, learning, and commerce.

These initiatives include offering complimentary digital education materials, expanding powerful storytelling platforms for general public use, and making research and medical journals pertaining to the coronavirus freely available to the scientists and doctors who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

AAP’s COVID-19 resource page will be continuously updated as more information is provided.

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