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Cochrane launches new COVID-19 Study Register, a one-stop shop for primary research studies on COVID-19


Cochrane has announced the launch of its COVID-19 Study Register – a one-stop shop for primary research studies on COVID-19. The register supports rapid evidence synthesis by all systematic review producers, including Cochrane's work on COVID-19 Rapid Reviews. The register helps systematic reviewers prioritise topics, identify available evidence, and produce urgently needed reviews for front-line health professionals, public health policymakers, and research teams developing new therapeutic, diagnostic, and preventive interventions for COVID-19.

The new COVID-19 Study Register will be continually updated with human studies on COVID-19. It is the latest initiative by Cochrane, a global network of health-researchers, producing high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date synthesised research evidence in response to COVID-19.

Within weeks of launch, the COVID-19 Study Register, which already consists of more than 1200 studies, will develop with more study references from additional sources, including the addition of PICO metadata to enhance discoverability of the studies in the register. It will also develop new features such as surveillance alerts to assist identification of evidence arising from the growing global response of ongoing health research about COVID-19.

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