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Free access during pandemic

IET releases access to COVID-19 related research to support researchers in fight against virus


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has released free access to research on areas relating to COVID-19, respiratory viruses, ventilators and ventilator components to help guide research efforts in the fight against the global pandemic.

By collating relevant content from across the IET’s journals collection and Inspec abstracts and index database, alongside relevant search terms and classification codes, researchers can now access a range of topics relating to technology solutions against the virus. Researchers can also find areas and topics related to their initial search, allowing them to access information that they may not have originally considered or found.

Inspec – the IET’s globally renowned abstracts and index database for physics, electronics, computing and engineering – is unlike any other indexing source in that it is curated by scientists, as opposed to artificial intelligence. This provides an invaluable source of research that is approved by experts.

Interested parties may visit https://www.theiet.org/publishing/access-to-covid-19-related-research/ for more information and to access the research content.

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