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McGraw Hill unveils next gen integration for its Connect Platform and Learning Management Systems at Colleges & Uni's

McGraw Hill has announced a comprehensive update to the digital architecture underlying the company’s seamless integrations with widely used learning management systems (LMS) like Blackboard Learn and Ultra, Instructure Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, and more. The upgrade will make it even easier for the tens of thousands of instructors and millions of students who use McGraw Hill Connect® and ALEKS® to access their digital course materials and assignments through their LMS. It will also be easier for LMS administrators on college campuses to manage.

The updated service-oriented architecture, which is designed specifically to adhere to IMS Global’s latest and most rigorous LTI® AdvantageC standards for ed-tech integrations, and certified by IMS Global, will be piloted this summer and subsequently launched more widely to millions of users in 2022.

To ensure that LTI Advantage is leveraged to the fullest extent possible, McGraw Hill commissioned an independent review to evaluate the work. Unicon, a digital learning consulting firm with industry leading expertise in LTI implementation, conducted a study of the program that included a review of the source code, meetings with McGraw Hill developers and leaders, and a careful reading of all integration-focused documentation and supporting materials. The results demonstrated that McGraw Hill’s adoption of and adherence to LTI standards far surpasses the capabilities of other platforms in the marketplace.

By leveraging LTI Advantage services, McGraw Hill redefines customer expectations for a fully integrated teaching and learning environment featuring frictionless movement between any LTI-compliant LMS or digital learning tool, and McGraw Hill’s Connect digital learning platform. Users will be protected with enhanced security and student privacy, while enjoying a more seamless experience that provides increased flexibility facilitated by interoperability patterns defined by IMS Global.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, use of McGraw Hill’s Connect platform grew significantly with more than 6 million student activations globally in the last year.

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