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Springer Nature rozszerza współpracę z cyfrowym archiwum CLOCKSS

Springer Nature, największy na świecie wydawca publikacji akademickich, będzie współpracował z CLOCKSS w celu zapewnienia długoterminowej ochrony wszystkich książek opublikowanych od 1815 roku.

Heidelberg | London, 12 January 2022

Springer Nature, the world’s largest academic book publisher, will partner with CLOCKSS to ensure the long-term preservation of all books published since 1815. Around 300,000 book titles crucially important for the scholarly record will now be kept safe for posterity. This includes titles in multiple languages, including English and German, and from a range of imprints including the renowned Springer and Palgrave Macmillan imprints. Titles include The Meaning of Relativity, published by Albert Einstein in 1922.

Niels Peter Thomas, Managing Director, Books at Springer Nature, said, “Books have always been and continue to be a driving force for social progress; therefore, we firmly believe in the impact of books. Partnerships such as this one with CLOCKSS strengthen the relevance of books to scholarly communication.”

Alicia Wise from CLOCKSS said, “Springer Nature shares a commitment to the long-term preservation of scholarship with libraries and preservation services, and I am delighted that its book archive will now be included as part of the CLOCKSS archive. We welcome all academic libraries and publishers who want to ensure access in perpetuity to important scholarship. The collaborative CLOCKSS approach, jointly governed and funded by libraries and publishers, provides really secure and cost effective insurance for future generations.”

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