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Zwycięzcy The Business Book Awards 2018


The Business Book Awards highlight the quality and variety of business books in the market. They offer industry-wide recognition to new and established authors writing on a multiplicity of subjects for a diverse readership, with no barriers to entry; we welcome entries from publishers and all authors published in the UK.

The Business Book Awards give every publisher, regardless of size or type, and author, regardless of experience or route to publishing, of a business book the opportunity to participate in a high quality, impartial judging process.

The Awards allow all authors that enter, are short-listed or win to publicise and sell more books; the event instils aspiration in entrants and pride in winners; and the ongoing process inspires other budding writers to come forward and publish their work.

Tegoroczni zwycięzcy w każdej z kategorii:

1. Start-Up Inspiration:

It Takes A Tribe

by Will Dean 

2. Self Development:

The Leader’s Guide to Presenting

by Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell

3. Leading The Team:

The Change Catalyst

by Campbell Macpherson

4. Embracing Change:


by Minter Dial and Caleb Storkey

5. Thought Leader:

The Startup Way

by Eric Ries

6. Selling The Dream:

Strategic Tendering For Professional Services

by Matthew Fuller and Tim Nightingale

7. Judges’ Choice:

Client Earth

by James Thorton and Martin Goodman


Business Book Of The Year 2018


The Change Catalyst: 

Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change 

by Campbell Macpherson 

801 777 223